Choosing The Best Monitor For Your Gaming Setup In 2017

Choosing the best monitor for gaming purposes is not an easy task, especially if you are a meticulous and organized person. Gaming is indeed an experience that needs to be taken into another level to gain the best of it while also being able to appreciate the art of our modern technology. Software and hardware are continually being upgraded to bring the most satisfaction to the people. The monitor plays a very important part in the overall gaming experience of a true gamer, and it would really be a letdown if you build a high-performance rig and then hook it up to a low-quality screen.

Choosing the best monitor for gaming is something that you would want to do as a task considering the future. You are quite likely to keep your monitor for years, so you may want to grab the chance to get a good one that will last longer and be durable enough to allow for a great immersive gaming experience throughout your virtual adventures.

Now, let us get into the most important factors to be aware of when choosing the best gaming monitor, and then to wrap up, we’ll cover the current best bang for your buck gaming monitors on the market right now.

One of the important tasks of choosing a monitor for gaming is acknowledging the capacity of the monitor’s response rate. The response rate of your gaming monitor refers to how fast and how frequent the screen updates. It is one of the most important specs to look for when on the hunt for a good screen, so you may want to make sure that the response rate is set to a level that is capable of supporting the monitor’s refresh rate of 60 Hz or above. For monitors, the lower the response rate, the better. For fast-paced action gaming, you don’t want to get a screen that has a response rate any higher than 8ms. Optimal response rates are at 6ms and under it is even better, with 2ms and 1ms being the most suitable for high-graphics.

The size that you will choose for your screen all comes down to your own personal preference and how much you’re willing to spend on your budget for your new screen. Big monitors that offer a wide and crystal-clear resolution on such a size can cost a big amount of money, especially the high-quality ones that are equipped with great specs. As for the resolution of your monitor, with the technology of today, you don’t want to go for anything less than full HD 1080p (which is 1920 x 1080). On the market, most monitors will have this resolution but just make sure in case. The next level up is 1440p (2560 x 1440, also known as Quad-HD) which you can observe in screens 25 inches and bigger, and will require better hardware to run your games smoothly.

4K monitors are really expensive, and most gamers would do well to wait until they become more affordable. But if you can’t wait and you have a ton of cash to spend right now, then go and have the ultimate visuals for your epic gaming experience!

Standard monitors have the standard 60 Hz refresh rate, and that is fine if you happen to be gaming on a budget and can’t afford a more expensive screen. But if you want the very best gaming experience, you may want to spend out a little more for a faster refresh rate screen such as 120 Hz or 144 Hz.