Best Trick Shots in Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a game played worldwide, with millions of players from all over the globe playing on a daily basis. Because of this widespread popularity from all ages and sizes, there are bound to be amazing game plays that will happen. It is only natural to want to show off something cool that they themselves pulled off, which explains the many game plays on YouTube.

From a spinning snipe to getting five one shot kills in a game, trick shots like these are made to be played over and over again. It is no wonder so many people go on video sharing websites and watch these replay videos, hoping that perhaps they can pull off something similar.

Sniping while spinning is a trick shot often used in Call of Duty. What makes it incredibly hard is the spinning motion. To achieve this shot, one has to spin and wait for the right moment to shoot without aiming. If the opponent is hit, then it is a success. Sometimes, some players are just plain lucky to get away with such a difficult shot.

A review of the best trick shots cannot be complete without a succession of head shots. One kill one shots are impressive. But managing to hit the bull’s eye (opponent’s head) successively while constantly on the move is not an easy task. Excellent accuracy and quick reflexes are the keys to performing this amazing trick shot in any Call of Duty game.

Some of the best trick shots in Call of Duty can be performed by anyone with either a lot of skill or a lot of luck. One way or another, these trick shots are a sight to behold and it would be pretty amazing to actually do them during a live and stressful game