Which Game Console Should You Choose?-Playstation 4 or Xbox One

Which Game Console Should You Choose? PlayStation 4 or Xbox One


When it comes to two of the leading consoles, both impressive at their own standard, there is a point where technical aspects such as hardware, graphics, and memory come into game. For the tech-savvies among us, this is true. However, general and soft aspects such as features, games, and design are easily interpreted in any market. In addition, they follow a compound rule that is accepted universally even by non-gamers as appreciative value for these aspects is easily debatable and perceived. Starting with these three aspects, our contest for the best console begins.

 Game Collection

Sony takes off its list with stupendous games such as God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Yakuza 0, and Last of Us into a category like no other. It’s a healthy dose of creative gameplay and interactive storytelling as each chapter unfolds progress in games like these.


Xbox One boots rich classics such as Halo, which has always been an epic game since the beginning, as well as racing games such as Forza Horizon 3 and shooting games, Sunset Overdrive & Quantum Break. Needless to say, shooting games combined into a fantasy world is an excellent choice for gaming. Halo gives clear evidence in gameplay, graphics, story, and epic madness.


While both game collections hit fine marks at every note, Xbox One offers a chance to re-play Xbox 360 games should your previous library be extensive. On the other hand, Sony offers similar aspects such as re-playing your PS2 and PS3 classics. Truthfully, it’s a close match between the two. However, Microsoft PCs allow just about the same range of extensive game collection for Xbox One or 360, while Sony is simply only found in its console bringing exclusivity on every trail. Safe to say, PS4 is a better gaming console when it comes to this aspect.


Looking at both constructs, it’s an obvious decision that PS4 stands a lead in design with its slim & lightweight concept, not to mention sleek color right off the bat. Xbox One gives off a chunky outlook without any finesse in its dimensions. Breaking it down to controllers, Xbox One draws an outstanding mark with its D-pad and also offers rumble motors perfect for racing games. The only downside of Xbox One controller is the use batteries as the main power source, while PS4 relies on USB charging, making it crafty and convenient. Moreover, PS4 is the only console that offers Virtual Reality as a supporting application correlated to its design. It’s been the best hit yet and continues to rally as a king in this aspect. For the contest in design, PS4 is a better gaming console still at this domain.


When it comes to features aligned with entertainment, you’ve got PlayStation Vue, Spotify and PlayStation Plus, which are just as similar to Xbox One with Pandora, Sling TV, and Xbox Live Gold. Comparing the apps individually, Spotify and Pandora don’t bridge many gaps in quality and accessibility, except for the interface that Spotify clearly dominates. PlayStation Vue and Sling TV are also quite similar, however, Xbox Live Gold has much more to offer than PlayStation Plus despite paying for the same rate per month. And yet, Xbox Live Gold also offers larger storage capacities.

Taking a closer look, Xbox One provides an edge to its entertainment features with 4k Blu-ray content, while PS4 stops at 4K content. Not only that but also, Xbox One allows easy shifting from gaming to watching your shows and makes an impressive feature content that PS4 is outmatched from.

Now that the contest has come to an end, which gaming console should you choose? Overall, PS4 is a better gaming console that beats Xbox One by an inch. Xbox One is a tempting decision when you’ve got the best entertainment at your grasp and even backward compatibility, however, PS4 is a better gaming console through its exclusive gaming collection, design features, and the Virtual Reality function. Nevertheless, both platforms offer amazing standards and are equally impressive.